Ship of the year 2015





Based on nominations from the different ship management departments, OSM and Chartering, the Stenersen Management has concluded that "Ship of the year 2015" award goes to Sten Bothnia.
Sten Bothnia has overall high performance within all criteria, not only in 2015 but steadily over many years. The Ship Management and crew on board have demonstrated how to be a preferred and reliable partner to our customers, to the different Stenersen departments and OSM. More specifically this award is based on the following;


- Very active and involved Captains and ship management


- Always preparing well ahead of operations and other activities with good planning, information and follow up.


- Personnel onboard are kept safe and constructive reports made in UniSea.

- Sten Bothnia is approved by all oil majors and have had good vetting performance through 2015 as well as     several years before this.

- The ship is overall well maintained, holds a high technical standard and have had no unplanned offhire or insurance cases.

- It seem clear that the Captains are well coordinated between themselves as well as with the

   ship management team.

- Communication with the ship is constructive, enlightening and positive


- The ship management team is open for new ideas and take initiative to present own suggestions for solutions.

- Able to separate the important from the less important and put focus on the issues which give the best result for the company.

- Ship management cares about the personnel on board, train the crew, share knowledge and set standards. They have been able to maintain a good and stable crew rotation and produce good promotion candidates.

- Demonstrates ability to improve and develop. 

- Lowest number of "urgent P.O.s" in the fleet, indicating good planning and overview.

- Well within the budget in  2015 and several years before this.

- Always updated on internal and external cases and happily shares information onboard and with the office.